XL18 Flamethrower: 15% OFF

This flamethrower delivers maximum firepower downrange.

  • 110ft+ range
  • Napalm compatible


Code: BF15
Fuel Thickening Powder. Napalm Mix

Napalm: 20% OFF

Stock up on your fuel thickener! This powder-based gelling agent is non-toxic, non-hazardous, user friendly, efficient and can be used with most available fuels.


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X15 Flamethrower: 15% OFF

The one and only X15 Flamethrower, now in new colors! Great for ground clearing or controlled agricultural burns.

  • 50ft range
  • 60+ seconds firing time
  • Napalm compatible


Code: BF15

Gear & Accessories

Save big on extra CO2 tanks, regulators and Throwflame t-shirts!

25% OFF

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Gift Cards: 15% OFF

Throwflame digital gift cards may be used in all regions to which we ship.

  • Give the gift of Firepower!

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