How It Works

Our products are designed for personal and commercial use. Flamethrowers are commonly used for:

  • Ground clearing or controlled agricultural burns.
  • Ice and snow melting/clearing
  • Incinerating weeds and other unwanted ground plans.
  • Back burns and pre-burn are commonly used by forestry personnel for forest fire containment/prevention.
  • Art and pyrography
  • Pest control: Destroying nests or burrows of invasive species
  • Film production and movie props. (check us out in The Purge, Quarry, Punisher, The Darkest Minds and Burger King commercials)
  • Pyrotechnics and fire performance 


Flamethrowers consist of two tanks, a wand housing, and an ignition system. One of the tanks holds the flammable liquid mix and the other one holds the pressurizing agent (CO2) which is used to propel the flammable liquid. Carbon dioxide, from the CO2 tank, exerts pressure on the fuel in the other tank and forces it through the fuel hose and into the wand housing. At the same time, butane or propane is used to fuel the pilot torch located at the tip of the wand to maintain the flame when the flamethrower is on standby.

How it works

The flamethrower is brought into standby by igniting the pilot torch which delivers a flame to the tip of the wand. This creates a small flame that remains lit as long as it is supplied with fuel from the propane or butane canister.

When the trigger is pushed, pressurized fuel from the fuel tank is released through the wand, and then ejected into the atmosphere. It is ejected in the form of a burning, combustible stream that catches fire from the small flame at the tip of the wand.

Our flamethrowers are designed to operate with commonly available liquid fuels and thickened fuels. We design our products with freedom and flexibility, allowing for many mixture combinations. This versatility allows our customers to concoct unique mixtures tailored to their specific applications.

For max range with the X15 flamethrower, we recommend using a 90% diesel and 10% gasoline mix. If you are using our fuel thickener, 50% diesel and 50% gasoline with 1 scoop of thickener per gallon is a good place to start. Napalm is available here.

With the XL18 flamethrower, diesel fuel is recommended. For maximum firing range, a thickened fuel mixture is required. Start with 80% diesel and 20% gasoline with 1 scoop of thickener per gallon.

Approximately 3.3 gallons (12.5 liters)

Theoretically, compressed air could work, we recommend against it because it is not as safe, more cumbersome, and difficult to reach the same pressures. Using compressed air would require hardware modifications which would void the warranty.

A few reasons CO2 is optimal:

  • It’s cheap and commonly available. Extra CO2 tanks are available allowing for a quick swap to repressurize a new tank.
  • It is extremely stable and liquefies at a low pressure which makes it ideal for getting consistent pressure from a small, light, and portable 20oz tank.
  • The biggest safety benefit of CO2 is in the chemistry. CO2 is an inert gas. Where there is carbon dioxide, fire is impossible; so, as you shoot your flamethrower, the empty space in the fuel tank is replaced with CO2 which completely eliminates the chance of internal fire.
  • CO2 is stored at higher pressures compared to compressed air. This means that a smaller volume of CO2 can provide the same propulsive force as a larger volume of compressed air. In turn, yielding a more compact and lighter flamethrower design.


Our flamethrowers are designed for regular use and to be generally maintenance-free.

You should store your flamethrower depressurized and with the fuel tank empty. Please store your device out of the weather and in a secure area away from pets, children, and any other unauthorized users.


Flamethrower Legality By State

Are Flamethowers Legal In My Area?

Are Flamethrowers Legal?

Yes. In the United States, flamethrowers are federally unregulated tools and are not considered a firearm by the ATF. No need for any NFA tax stamps, licensing, or even an FFL dealer. 

However, it’s the purchaser’s responsibility to ascertain that ownership and or use does not violate any state or local laws or regulations. 

In Maryland, a flamethrower is defined as a “destructive device”. Flamethrowers are legal to possess with a Type 9, 10 or 11 Federal Firearms License (FFL)

§ 4-501(b)(2) “Destructive device” includes a bomb, grenade, mine, shell, missile, flamethrower, poison gas, Molotov cocktail, pipe bomb, and petroleum-soaked ammonium nitrate.

California units are modified with a smaller nozzle to be considered California-compliant, meaning that the range of the device will be less than 10 feet. 

California users please read California Health and Safety Codes 12750, 12751, 12760, and 12761 and ensure compliance before changing a nozzle that would produce a range over 10 feet.

According to HSC §12750, a flamethrowing device is defined as “any non-stationary and transportable device designed or intended to emit or propel a burning stream of combustible or flammable liquid a distance of at least 10 feet.”

For a flamethrower that have a range over 10 feet, a “flamethrowing device permit” is required. HSC §12760 

Yes, we do ship to Canada. Flamethrowers are legal in Canada, they are not considered a firearm nor a weapon and they are not a prohibited item.

Our products are specifically designed for personal use for the following: ground clearing or controlled agricultural burns, ice melting/clearing, incinerating weeds and other unwanted ground plans, “back burns” or “pre burns” for forestry use, and forest fire containment/prevention, or for the use in film production and movie props.

Flamethrowers are legal and unregulated in most counties. Chances are, we can ship to you.

We have done our best to check the laws in most countries. Ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring the possession and/or use of flamethrowers is permitted in your jurisdiction. Before ordering, we encourage you to make sure you are operating in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.


We hold inventory on all of our flamethrowers and accessories so most in-stock orders are shipped in 1-2 days.

US orders are shipped via FedEx. Once your order is shipped, a tracking number will automatically be sent to your email. Shipping speeds can be adjusted at checkout.

To best serve our customers we offer several secure payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • Check Payment
  • Crypto Currencies (BTC or XMR)
  • T/T Wire Transfers

Send us an email at [email protected] for any special payment accommodations.

We are pleased to team up with Split-it and offer interest-free installment plans for all of our USA and Canada customers. We currently offer installment plans ranging from 2-9 months.

  • Interest-free
  • No credit checks
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How it Works
  1. On the checkout page select the Splitit payment option.
  2. Select how many months you would like to pay over (2-9)
  3. Your credit card will be authorized for the entire amount of your order, but only charged for the 1st month’s installment.

For example, a $1,500 order using a 12-month installment plan would be charged $125 on the day the order is placed and $125 each following month for the remaining 11 months.

Currently, only Visa® and MasterCard® are eligible (debit cards are not eligible).

For more details:


Send an email to [email protected] to learn about our dealer program and bulk pricing.

Please visit our purchasing portal for all of your procurement needs. This portal is an electronic Request for Quote (RFQ)/Request for Proposal (RFP) system designed to allow government buyers to request information, find sources, and prepare RFQs/RFPs online. Users can obtain quotes or proposals for large quantity or complex system purchases.

Flamethrower for agriculture

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Flamethrowing is a great adrenaline rush, and Throwflame is the best in the business. This is a quality product made by reliable people

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It is a pleasure working with people that deliver such outstanding customer service!

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