Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is the X15?

When designing the X15 safety was and continues to be our #1 priority.

The X15 system is rated up to 4000 psi which is roughly 4X the standard operating pressure. All of our flamethrowers are individually pressure tested and inspected before they arrive at your doorstep!

The X15 also uses CO2 as the pressurizing agent. There are quite a few reasons CO2 is optimal:

  • It’s cheap and commonly available.
  • It is extremely stable and liquefies at a low pressure which makes it ideal for getting consistent pressure from a small, light and portable 20oz tank.
  • The biggest safety benefit of CO2 is in the chemistry. Where there is carbon dioxide fire is impossible, so as you shoot your X15 the empty space in the fuel tank is replaced with CO2, completely eliminating the chance of internal fire.

We encourage users to be smart and never jeopardize anyone’s safety. Beware of flamethrowers that uses battery operated fuel pumps to pressurize highly flammable liquid. Beware of flamethrowers that have vented fuel tanks and/or oxygen in those fuel tanks. Lingering flammable vapor exposed to sparks from batteries, electric fuel pump etc. creates a very dangerous combination. Internal fire and/or explosions can cause serious injury or death.

How far does the flamethrower shoot?

The X15 flamethrower comes with extra tips to adjust range and burn rate. The default tip (1/4″) reaches up to 50ft with the recommended mixture of 90% diesel 10% gasoline.

When using our Napalm Mix you can expect increased range along with tighter stream grouping.

Check out the comparison video below

How many seconds does it last?

At max flow the X15 Flamethrower can shoot 3 gallons in just under a minute using 90% Diesel and 10% Gasoline.

When using our Napalm mix slightly longer firing times are expected

How many gallons of fuel does it hold?

Approximately 3 gallons (11.3 liters)

How is it pressurized?

Our system uses CO2. Included with the X15 Flamethrower is a refillable 20oz tank. Extra tanks are available here.

How long does a 20oz co2 tank last?

Each 20oz co2 tank is fully discharged with every use.

Extra tanks are available here.

CO2: Most local sporting goods and paintball stores offer CO2 refilling for as little as $3.

How do I refill?

Fuel: After fully depressurizing the main fuel tank simply unscrew the valve stem on top of the tank and pour in the fuel.

CO2: Most local sporting goods and paintball stores offer CO2 refilling for as little as $3.

What grade gasoline should I use?

We have found little difference in using different grades of gasoline so we recommend 87 octane which is usually the cheapest.

Recommended mixture: 90% diesel 10% gasoline

How should I store the X15?

The X15 should be stored depressurized and with the fuel tank empty.

How long do orders take to ship?

We hold inventory on all of our products and all orders are shipped in less than 24 hours!

What if I have more questions?

You are more than welcome to contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

State Specific Legal Information

We do our best to get the latest and most accurate information. Always be sure to check the laws in your area.

Are flamethrowers legal?

Yes. Flamethrowers are federally unregulated tools and not considered a firearm by the BATF. No need for any NFA tax stamps, licensing or even an FFL dealer. It’s the purchaser’s responsibility to ascertain that ownership and or use does not violate any state or local laws or regulations.

  • Must be over 18 years old.


California users please read California Health and Safety Codes 12750, 12751, 12760 and 12761.

“Any person who uses or possesses any flamethrowing device
without a valid flamethrowing device permit issued pursuant to this
part is guilty of a public offense…”

*Please contact us with proof of valid permits before ordering for use in California.


Sorry, no shipping to Maryland. Maryland’s fire code prohibits flamethrower ownership


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