Throwflame On the Big screen

senator Niraj Antani (2024)


Ohio Senator Niraj Antani prominently features an XL18 flamethrower in his campaign ad, using it as a powerful symbol of his determination to challenge both the Biden administration’s policies and the moderation within his own Republican party, emphasizing a fiery approach to political change and conservative values.


Ride With Norman Reedus (2023)


“Ride with Norman Reedus,” an AMC travel series, showcases actor Norman Reedus and a guest exploring various places on motorcycles. In Season 6 Episode 1, Keanu Reeves joins Reedus to traverse Utah for the “Motos In Moab” event, where the X15 Flamethrower ignites the iconic bonfire.



In the captivating narrative of “The Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch,” Season 4, Episode 11, sparks a new level of intrigue with the introduction of the XL18 flamethrower. This potent tool becomes a symbol of the team’s relentless pursuit of truth within the enigmatic Skinwalker Ranch. The flamethrower’s fiery display adds a thrilling layer to the episode, embodying the team’s unwavering determination. Tune into the History Channel and watch as the team dares to illuminate the unknown, one flame at a time.

Ema (2021)

Pablo Larraín

Ema premiered at Venice Film Festival and won Best Picture at Miami Film Festival. The Chilean drama uses the XL18 flamethrower as a prop for the title character’s expression of power and liberation, adding to the film’s visually stunning and provocative style.

Tremors Poster


Universal Pictures

Napoleon Dynamite (Jared Hess) and the original Tremors hunter (Michael Gross) are back at it in the 7th film in the Tremors franchise. This time they brought more firepower, XL18 Flamethrowers!

shrieker island

South Park (2020)

Comedy Central

“The Pandemic Special” is the first hour-long episode and the first special episode of South Park in the show’s 23-year history. The special satirizes aspects of the COVID-19 response, police brutality, improper mask-wearing, sinophobia, and other hot button 2020 topics. The XL18 flamethrower is ultimately deployed in a satirical and exaggerated manner to highlight the show’s critique of excessive force and the militarization of police departments. Additionally, the XL18 Flamethrower serves as a symbol of the absurdity and chaos that permeated society during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the animated XL18 Flamethrower in “The Pandemic Special” episode 308.

south park

South Park Throwflame
Yellowstone Cover Image

Yellowstone (2020)

Paramount Pictures

Yellowstone transports viewers to the heart of the Dutton family’s sprawling Montana ranch. Starring Kevin Costner as patriarch John Dutton, the show captures the intense power struggles and alliances within the family and their efforts to protect their land from encroaching rivals.

A standout moment in the series involves the use of the X15 flamethrower, a powerful and visually stunning tool that adds a unique edge to the show’s action sequences. Showcasing the lengths the Dutton family is willing to go to defend their territory, the X15 flamethrower delivers a fiery spectacle that’s sure to leave audiences in awe. Don’t miss the blazing excitement of Yellowstone as the Duttons fight to preserve their way of life, one flame at a time.

Check out the X15 Flamethrowers used in Season 2 Episode 4.


Southern Survival (2020)


The BattlBox crew test out products designed to help people survive dangerous situations, including explosions, natural disasters, and intruders. Watch the X15 Flamethrower test fireproof fabrics in the fire episode. 

Southern Survival

Southern Survival Cover X15 Flamethrower
FreeGuy Cover

free GUY (2020)

20th Century Fox

Check out the X15 flamethrower in this action-comedy starring Ryan Reynolds. In this film, a bank teller called Guy realizes he is a background character in an open-world video game called Free City that will soon go offline.


the darkest mINDS (2018)

20th Century Fox

This American dystopian science fiction thriller film directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, used two X15 flamethrowers to heat up the stunts in the $34 million film. 

“One of the most challenging pieces we faced was for our end sequence in the third act we have a, a lot of flame breathing characters. They spit flame 70 feet. And so we’re using real backpack flame throwers that have real diesel and gasoline fuel that goes out of them so it takes a lot of time to rehearse it.”  -Jack Gill, Stunt Coordinator

Darkest Minds Flamethrower
Purge Flamethrower

The First Purge (2018)

Universal Pictures

That’s right, the X15 flamethrower made its big-screen appearance in The First Purge. This film is a prequel depicting the origins of the first annual “Purge”, a 12-hour span once a year in which all crime in America, including murder, is legal.

The First Purge

The punisher (2017)

Marvel Television

Check out Season 1 Episode 4 to see the Punisher rocking the X15 flamethrower!

A former Marine out to punish the criminals responsible for his family’s murder finds himself ensnared in a military conspiracy. Available now on Netflix.

Marvels Punisher
Quarry Flamethrower

quarry (2016)

Warner Bros. Television 

Quarry is a gripping and explosive TV series that follows the life of a former Marine sniper, Mac Conway, as he returns home from Vietnam and becomes entangled in a dangerous web of crime and corruption. The show masterfully captures the tumultuous era of the early 1970s, and one of its most memorable and iconic scenes features the use of the X15 flamethrower. The X15’s raw power and destructive potential are showcased in an intense and visually stunning sequence, serving as a thrilling metaphor for the chaos and violence that surrounds Mac’s life. With each fiery blast, “Quarry” ignites viewers’ imagination, while also highlighting the darker side of human nature and the consequences of war.

In Season 1 Episode 8, watch the X15 flamethrower being used to flush out a Viet Cong camp.